General-purpose human-type decisive weapon Android Evangelion regular practical type 2


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From “Evangelion New Theatrical Version”, “Universal Humanoid Decisive Weapon Android Evangelion Regular Practical Unit 2” is newly released in overwhelming large volume! The format is “Ultimate Diorama Masterline” which is the same as the “First Unit”, which is currently receiving very popular reservations. In this item, the motif of the city battle in the “3rd New Tokyo City” is a motif, and the figure of Unit 2 fighting boldly in the group of demolition buildings has been three-dimensionalized with detailed details. Unit 2 amplifies the image in the play and pursues the best form as three-dimensional modeling. With a combination of brilliancy and persuasive power, we have realized a beautiful silhouette that is unparalleled in the history of modeling “EVA”.

In addition to the usual bare hands, both arms include wrist parts holding a dagger “progressive knife” and both arms parts holding two large guns “pallet rifle”, and can be freely recombined. Multiple poses can be reproduced, doubling the enjoyment of the display.

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Product Specifications:
Hand parts (left and right) x 1, wrist parts with a dagger “progressive knife” (left and right) x 1, arm parts with two large pallet rifles (left and right) x 1
Includes a special large base x1 with a precise modeling of buildings and vehicles.

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