Ultimate Premium Masterline Berserk Skull Knight (Equestrian Ver)


From the masterpiece of dark fantasy manga “Berserk”, the mysterious swordsman “Knight of the Skull”, who is still the guide of the main character Guts, appears on the Ultimate Premium Masterline! In addition, it will be three-dimensional with the equestrian Ver that has many impressive scenes!共 に Both the knight’s head and the horse’s head have built-in LED light-up function, and their eyes glow suspiciously. The sword held on the right arm can be replaced with a normal sword and a “sword of water”, which has been replaced with a sword from the beherit taken from the apostle. The cloth covering the horse’s torso and the knight’s cloak also use real fabric materials to enhance their presence.

The base imitates the dark area “Cryphoto” in the ghost world, and reproduces the world where even monsters are taken into the darkness. The powerful size and the precise molding make it a home to create a Berserk worldview.

Product Specifications:
Replaceable right hand part (sword / sword of water “Yobimizu no Tsurugi”)
Dedicated base included
Built-in LED light up function on the head

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